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Imlie: Rich handsome Abhishek impresses Cheeni to irk Atharva (Upcoming Twist)


Published By: Alka | Publication: | Updated: December 16, 2022 12:12 PM IST


Imlie: Rich handsome Abhishek impresses Cheeni to irk Atharva


Star Plus serial Imlie is all set to see further new chemistry budding between Abhishek Agnihotri and Cheeni in the upcoming storyline.

Earlier it was seen how Rupi fixes Cheeni’s meeting with Abhishek wherein the former totally dismisses marrying him.

The interesting part is that Abhishek gets really impressed with how Cheeni honestly tells about wanting comfort in life instead of love and care.

Thus, Abhishek chooses to meet Cheeni again as he believes that once she falls in love, she will fulfil it honestly too.

And now when Cheeni who assumed Abhishek as a middle-class poor guy finds out about his high status and his numerous restaurants business, she finally decides to meet him again.

Therefore, the story here takes an intriguing U-turn because now this triggers Atharva to the core.


Atharva to face a huge shock

Atharva gets irked to the core when Cheeni breaks up with him just because she finally found a perfect match with Abhishek.

So, let’s see how Cheeni’s break up now affects Atharva who goes mad after her knowing about Abhishek.

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