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Faltu Latest Spoiler Alert: Faltu to catch Kanika red-handed (Latest Spoilers Alert)


Published By: Alka | Publication: | Updated: March 04, 2023 01:03 PM IST


Faltu Latest Spoiler Alert: Faltu to catch Kanika red-handed


The upcoming episode of the Star Plus Hindi serial Faltu is finally going to see one of the most awaited twists of Faltu finally catching the real mastermind.

So, Faltu gets a piece of strong evidence against Vishal that someone from the Mittal family has bribed him to defame her.

Therefore, she takes the interesting disguise of chef Rocky and finally wins the cooking competition becoming the chef in the family.

And now it’s high time when she finally overhears Kanika’s phone conversation with Vishal.

Thus, the big twist unfolds next in when Faltu decides to follow Kanika while she is going to meet Vishal.


Faltu’s next big step

So, Faltu now knows that Kanika is somehow related to Vishal on a personal note.

Though she doubts that Kanika did all this to separate her from Ayaan’s life,

Now, it would be interesting to watch what happens next and how Faltu takes the next big step to expose Kanika.

Make sure to read for the new updates to know what happens next.

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