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Durga Aur Charu: Anirban Charu's unwanted intimacy misunderstood Durga (Upcoming Twist)


Published By: Alka | Publication: | Updated: March 23, 2023 12:03 PM IST


Durga Aur Charu: Anirban and Charu's unwanted intimacy misunderstood Durga


Colors Hindi TV serial Durga Aur Charu is about to see further Anirban and Durga's marital relationship taking a prime U-turn.

Recently, it is seen how Anirban and Durga get married but their marriage is namesake because in actuality Charu got married to Anirban.

Now, in the upcoming track, you will see Chumki playing a dirty game in Anirban, Charu, and Durga's lives.

Here the drama takes troll when she sneakily gives a letter to Durga revealing about how Anirban never loved her.

At the same time, she pushes Anirban and Charu towards each other so as to frame their love affair.

Thus, everything is only going to get worse next.


Durga's big misunderstanding 

Poor Durga is going to stay silent in this marriage relationship with Anirban after knowing the truth.

So, let's see what happens next and how the story takes troll here in.

Will Durga be able to save this marriage?

Will Anirban know that his real wife is Charu, not Durga?

Stay tuned with us for more updates and the latest news next in. 

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