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Chashni: OMG! Not Love but Raunaq wants ruthless revenge from Chandni (Latest Trending News)


Published By: Alka | Publication: serialgossip.com | Updated: March 27, 2023 01:03 PM IST

Chashni: OMG! Not Love but Raunaq wants ruthless revenge from Chandni


The prime-time Hindi TV serial Chandni is gearing up for a big turning point in the upcoming episode storyline with the huge revelation of Raunaq's real intention.

Yes, Raunaq doesn't love or has any genuine feelings for Chandni but in fact he hates her to the core.

He risks his own life and ruthlessly beats up Raj and Jogi for shooting the gun at Chandni.

Thus, he gets jailed for the crime and now this once again leaves Chandni deeply affected.

Therefore, Chandni proposes friendship to Raunaq and the duos start fresh.

However, poor Chandni doesn't know that Raunaq is actually planning to make her life equal to hell.

Raunaq's past with Chandni 


Moving on in the storyline, Raunaq will finally unveil his evil intention against Chandni about how he is playing all this good games to ruin Chandni's life and make it hell.

Though the latter don't have any idea about this,

Will Chandni regret marrying Raunaq?

Will Chandni be able to change Raunaq's hatred for her?

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