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Udaariyaan: Sartaj introduces Nehmat as his FIANCEE irks Ekam (Upcoming Twist)

By: SG Admin on May 06, 2023

A big shocker for Ekam (Hitesh Bharadwaj) seeing Sartaj with Nehmat (Twinkle Arora) in Colors TV serial Udaariyaan

In the upcoming intriguing drama of Colors TV serial Udaariyaan, now is the high time when Sartaj finally brings Nehmat to the Randhawa house.

The big shocker that shakes the ground under everyone's feet is that Nehmat is Sartaj's fiancée.

Intriguingly, Sartaj brings Nehmat forcefully and introduces her as his fiancée.

Now, when Ekam is already taken aback to know about Sartaj being Balveer's son,

The drama is going to get intensified here wherein now Sartaj even tells Ekam about him getting married to Nehmat very soon.

Nehmat to fall into a big dilemma 

So, moving on in the storyline, you will see Nehmat falling into a big dilemma because of Sartaj's such announcement.

Let's see how the drama unfolds now and what Nehmat does next.

At the same time, it would be highly intensified to watch what is Sartaj's real agenda behind bringing Nehmat.

A lot of interesting and intriguing things are about to happen next, so stay tuned to get all the latest updates every minute at

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