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Udaariyaan: SHOCKING! Aasma dies for Armaan (Upcoming Twist)


Published By: Alka | Publication: | Updated: November 03, 2023 06:11 PM IST


Shocking storm to hit Armaan (Anuraj Chahal) and Aasma (Aditi Bhagat) in Colors TV serial Udaariyaan


A shocking tragedy seems to separate Armaan and Aasma this time in the upcoming episode of Colors Hindi TV serial Udaariyaan.

It was earlier seen how Armaan and Aaliya's extramarital affair gets exposed before Aasma.

Aasma suffers heartbreak alone and decides to make Aaliya spit out the truth herself.

Therefore, when she announces her fake pregnancy, this is where Aaliya gets Aasma kidnapped.

And that's when everything horribly changes because the goons now stab Aasma to the death.


Huge reality to hit Armaan harder 

Armaan was not expecting Aaliya to cross the line and put Aasma's life into threat

So, when he arrives to save Aasma but the goons attempt to kill him, that's when Aasma runs and gets stabbed while saving Armaan.

Do you think, Armaan will now realize his mistake of betraying Aasma who truly loved him?

Will he realize the worst side of Aaliya?

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