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Kumkum Bhagya: Purvi jumps in Jasveer's trap, RV's hero entry (Upcoming Twist)


Published By: Alka | Publication: | Updated: November 17, 2023 07:11 AM IST


Kumkum Bhagya: Purvi jumps in Jasveer's trap, RV's hero entry


A very exciting love is going to spark between Rajvansh (Abrar Qazi) and Purvi (Rachi Sharma) very soon in the upcoming episode of ZEE TV serial Kumkum Bhagya.

As per the recent storyline, it is seen how Jasveer turns revengeful against RV and Purvi and so he plans to burn the venue of Ram Leela.

Therefore, the fire breaks out and everyone fall into a big danger.

Thankfully, RV survives and almost leaves the venue when suddenly Purvi’s cousin arrives and urges him to save Purvi.

And now this brings the most awaited twist when RV will fall for Purvi.


Purvi faces new struggles

Purvi recklessly runs to save some kids from the fire danger but just then Jasveer also arrives.

When she unknowingly falls into his trap, let’s see how RV will now make his hero like entry and save her life.

Will RV fall in love with Purvi?

Will Purvi break her engagement to be with RV?

Stay tuned for the latest updates on the show's fascinating twists and turns at We'll keep you informed every minute.

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