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Anupama: Anupama’s proper plan to deal with Malti Devi (Latest News)


Published By: Alka | Publication: | Updated: November 21, 2023 01:11 PM IST


Anupama: Anupama’s proper plan to deal with Malti Devi


The real family drama will start now in the Kapadia Family for Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) and Malti Devi (Apara Mehta) in the Star Plus TV serial Anupama.

Anuj brings Baa and Bapuji to the Kapadia House to take good care of him and Anupama doesn't get stuck amid them and Choti Anu.

Malti Devi is not ready to tolerate the new guests in the house and so she decides to play her mind games against them.

However, the drama will intensify next in when Malti Devi will take a dig at Baa for looting her son Anuj using Anupama.

Thus, Anupama also gets a hint of Malti Devi's conspiracies and now she decides to take the big step and give an end to her drama.


Malti Devi plans against Anupama

Anupama is not going to find it easy to put an end to Malti Devi's conspiracy because the latter is now using Pakhi against her.

So, what do you think will be Anupama's next property plan against her?

The show is bringing in some quite interesting and intriguing twists, so stay tuned to get all the latest updates every minute at

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