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KHKT: Sonakshi kidnapped furious Rohit grabs Nishi's neck giving death warning (Upcoming Twist)

Sonakshi gets kidnapped furious Rohit confronts Nishi in Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 

The upcoming episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is going to see another shocking twist in the storyline.

Rohit and Sonakshi’s life is going to face another drastic storm when suddenly out of the blue, Sonakshi gets kidnapped.

Furious Rohit thus rushes to confront Nishi and reminds her that he didn't divorced Sonakshi because he doesn't loves her but he wanted to protect her from Nishi's evilness.

Meanwhile before Nishi could understand the situation, Rohit throttles her neck.

Sonakshi's life in danger 

Sonakshi's life is in danger and Rohit warns Nishi as if anything will happen to her then he will kill her dead.

The twist in the tale is that Nishi is not behind Sonakshi's kdnapping.

Let see how Rohit will save his Sonakshi from their new enemy,

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