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Meet: Chai ki chuski brings sweetness into Meet Ahlawat and Meet Honda's relation (Upcoming Episode)

By: SG Admin on September 09, 2021

Meet: Chai ki chuski brings sweetness into Meet Ahlawat(Shagun Pandey) and Meet Honda(Ashi Singh) relation

Zee TV's favorite show Meet has managed to keep the audience glued with a refreshing storyline. 

It was seen that Manushi and Meet Ahlawat plan a date before marriage.

Further, Ahlawat buys a diamond set for Manushi to gift her on their first date.

However, Kunal will rob Ahlawat hiding under a helmet and run away with the jewelry.

But this unfortunate incident will turn into bliss for Meet Ahlawat and Meet Honda.

They will chase the thief giving them a sweet chance of a double-seat bike ride.

Moreover, Meet Honda and Meet Ahlawat will have a mini date with tapri ki chai bringing sweetness into their relation.

Kunal play hero impressing Manushi

On the other hand, unaware that Manushi is Ahlawat's fiancee', Kunal will gift her the diamond set leaving her speechless.

Further, by her reference, Meet will lodge a police complaint leaving Meet Ahlawat impressed.

However, it will be interesting to see what will happen when Meet Ahlawat will see the jewelry and reveal Kunal's real face.

Keep tuned to know how what will Manushi answer Meet when he will question her about the diamind set.

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