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Meet: Meet Hooda disguised as sage on mission to uncover the truth (Upcoming Episode)

By: SG Admin on January 19, 2022


Meet: Anoobha alerts Meet(Ashi Singh) regards to Manushi's evil mind

Zee TV's unique love story Meet is up with high voltage drama and action.

As seen, Meet Hooda is hurt and curious to know the reason for Anuoobha's weird behavior.

Thus, she plots a plan and goes home disguised as a sage with a beard and mustache.

Further, she asks for alms and when Anoobha gives grains, she pretends to ask if this is hard-earned money or black money.

Hearing this, Anoobha justifies saying it is the hard-earned money of her daughter and praises her.

Seeing this, Meet Hooda unveils her real face and demands an answer for Anoobha's drama compelling her to leave her job.


Meet Hooda on a mission to safeguard her relation

Left with no other option, finally, Anoobha reveals her insecurity with regard to Manushi.

Anoobha expresses to Meet her fear that Manushi will take her place in Ahlawat House and Meet AHlawat's life in her absence.

Anoobha further explains to Meet that they have seen Manushi's greediness and cruelty, she will never change.

Hearing this Meet becomes worried and promises Anoobha to be alert.

Now let us wait and watch if Meet Hooda will be able to ruin Manushi's mission or not.

Stay tuned to to know what will be meet Hooda's trap for Manushi.


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