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Meet: Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumaar for Meet Hooda with her first kiss with Meet Ahlawat (Upcoming Story)

By: SG Admin on February 19, 2022


Meet: Meet Hooda and Meet Ahlawat's passionate liplock moment brings major twist 

Zee TV's most liked show Meet is gearing up for a romantic twist with Meet Hooda and Meet Ahlawat's first kiss.

It is seen that Meet Hooda is deeply in love with Meet Ahlawat and her Chachi and Sunaina bhabhi make her realize it.

Further, they instigate her to confess her love to Meet Ahlawat and seal their love with a kiss.

Meanwhile, Meet Ahlawat gets drunk at a party and unintentionally gets carried away kissing Meet Hooda.

Finally, Meet Hooda and Meet Ahlawat passionately have their first liplock moment.


Meet Ahlawat disappointed with the kiss

Now, this is a major twist in Meet's life and she blushes with the feeling.

Meet Hooda is lost in Meet Ahlawat's thoughts and their first kiss.

Further, Meet feels like a teenager filled with love and romantic thoughts.

However, Meet Ahlawat is disappointed as he recollects his kiss with Meet Hooda.

Why is Meet Ahlawat so disturbed by the kiss?

What new twist will this bring is to look out for?

Keep reading to know what will happen further on the show.


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