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Swaran Ghar: Swaran welcomes Mickey, Niyamat and Ambar, makes an announcement (Latest Spoilers Alert)


Published By: Somya | Publication: | Updated: April 20, 2022 05:04 PM IST


Swaran Ghar: Swaran welcomes Mickey, Niyamat, and Ambar, makes an announcement


Colors' tv popular show Swaran Ghar is about to showcase some interesting twists in the upcoming track of the show.

As seen so far, Nimmo gets disguised as an old woman to stop the third tenant from reaching Swaran Ghar.

Nimmo succeeds in her plans and there Swaran's son reaches to see Swaran fail her mission.

Swaran's son gets ready to remove the board but Ajit reaches there on time with a girl named Ambar.

Swaran finally gets her third tenant and she welcomes Mickey, Niyamat, and Ambar to Swaran Ghar.


Swaran welcomes her third tenant to Swaran Ghar

Now in the upcoming track, Swaran takes the hammer from Vikram's hand and she fixes her board of Swaran Ghar working woman's hostel.

Further, Swaran announces in front of her sons that the board won't be removed from there no matter what.

It will be highly interesting to see what more drama will happen next.

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