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Bhagyalaxmi: Woah! Rishi irked by Malishka shuts her up supporting Laxmi (Latest Update)


Published By: Veena | Publication: | Updated: June 11, 2022 03:06 PM IST


Bhagyalaxmi: Rishi carries Laxmi in arms Malishka burns in anger


Zee TV's interesting show Bhagyalaxmi is up with high drama and action.

At the temple, Malishka creates huge drama and finally gets scolded by Rishi.

Further, Rishi is worried for Laxmi as she falls unconscious and he carries her to safety.

Seeing this Malishka once again starts her tantrums and Rishi is irked by her to the core.

Laxmi's dizziness leaves Rishi worried for her safety as she leaves for some personal work mid-way.


Ahana supports Laxmi against Malishka

Here, Ahana breaks her silence as Malishka goes on blaming Laxmi for all the problems at the temple.

Ahana blames Malishka for the drama and fights at the temple leaving her shocked.

However, Rishi is lost in Laxmi's thoughts as she does not return back home.

Where is Laxmi and what is the reason for her dizziness?

Keep tuned to to know what will happen further on the show.

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