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Bhagyalaxmi: Aww Blushing Romantic! Rishi demands kiss from Laxmi (Upcoming Episode)


Published By: Veena | Publication: | Updated: July 29, 2022 02:07 PM IST


Bhagyalaxmi: Rishi gets flirty with Laxmi


Zee TV's interesting show Bhagyalaxmi is gearing up for high-voltage drama and action.

It is seen that Rishi and Laxmi's bonding is getting stronger with every passing day.

Rishi cares for Laxmi and has now started openly supporting her against Neelam.

Further, Rishi sees everyone insulting Laxmi and refuses to share the dining table with her.

Thus, Laxmi doesn't eat and sobs silently in the kitchen.


Rishi feeds Laxmi 

Meantime, Rishi comes there and faking that parathan is saltless feeds Laxmi for tasting.

Laxmi understands Rishi's drama and gets emotional as he feeds her.

Furthermore, Rishi gets a little flirty with Laxmi and demands a kiss from her.

Hearing this, Laxmi is left speechless and blushing looking into Rishi's eyes.

Will Rishi take the initiative and take their relationship to the next level?

Will Laxmi allow Rishi to kiss her?

Keep tuned to for the romantic twist ahead.

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