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YHC: Rudraksh and Preesha misses their HAPPY ENDING AGAIN! (Upcoming Episode)

By: SG Admin on October 19, 2022


YHC: Blast happens during the wedding of Rudraksh and Preesha in Yeh Hai Chahtein

Star Plus popular show Yeh Hai Chahtein is gearing up for some high voltage drama during the wedding track.

Earlier it’s seen that Rudraksh and Preesha will get ready for their wedding while Vidyut tries hard to get Pihu’s love.

Now it will be seen that Vidyut will manage to win Pihu’s heart but Armaan creates a mess.

Pihu felt bad for Raj while Vidyut fainted as he kept fast for Pihu.

Everyone went for jewelry shopping for the wedding.

Vidyut liked a necklace for Pihu but kept it back seeing the price.

Someone put it in his bag and accused him of stealing.

It was revealed to be Raj as he believed that Pihu rejected him for Vidyut.

Rudraksh encouraged Vidyut to prove his love to Pihu.

Vidyut walked on burning coal to prove his sincerity.

Pihu finally accepted to Vidyut that she had feelings for him.


Blast happens during wedding

In the upcoming episodes we will witness, Preesha will keep getting threatened by Armaan.

On the day of the wedding Rudraksh will get hurry by Armaan halting the wedding.

Stay tuned for more details.


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