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Kundali Bhagya: Goons attack Karan accepts Kavya as his daughter (Upcoming Twist)

By: SG Admin on November 01, 2022


Kundali Bhagya: Goons attack Karan accepts Kavya as his daughter

ZEE TV popular serial Kundali Bhagya will showcase interesting twist and turn.

It seems Arjun and Preeta are stuck back in Kavya's school where they are all in danger along with kids.

Fortunately Arjun and Preeta are there by Kavya and other kids and the rest of the Luthra Parivar are waiting at the gate of the school along with the police.

These gang that is Prithvi and his gang wants to flee easily and hence they demands for helicopter where Rishabh turns much furious on Arjun.

Furious Rishabh asks what they want when Prithvi makes a demand for twenty crores or else he will kill Kavya.

Arjun much angry at Prithvi

When Arjun gets enraged and asks Prithvi to stay away from Kavya as she is his daughter.

This word leaves the entire Luthra family and Preeta shocked.

Will Karan finally accept his real identity of being Karan not Arjun?

Keep tuned for more updates.

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