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Anupamaa: OMG! Baa CURSE Anupamaa gets jealous of Anupamaa’s Blissfulness (Upcoming Twist)


Published By: Naina | Publication: | Updated: January 14, 2023 10:01 AM IST


Anupamaa: Baa curse Anupamaa once again


Star Plus show Anupamaa is currently revolving around Anupamaa taking a stand against Shah Family.

It seems that Paritosh has landed himself in trouble as he is on the wrong side of the law.

Matters will soon get out of control as he will be threatened to be send to jail.

Shah Family will ask Anupamaa for help but she will deny as she wants Paritosh to bear the fruits of his wrong doing.

Baa will be seen getting irritated as Anupamaa is not ready to help her own son but is busy spending time with Anuj.

Baa will once again cross limits and curse Anupamaa as she cannot see her happy while her family is in dark.

Anupamaa for the first time will take a tough call to not go running to Shah house and leave Anuj alone.


Anupamaa targeted by Baa

Will Anupamaa be able to teach Shah family lesson or not?

Will Anupamaa be able to change her mind or not?

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