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Faltu: Interesting Twist! Tanisha makes Sid spy over Faltu (Latest Update)


Published By: Veena | Publication: | Updated: January 14, 2023 02:01 PM IST


Faltu: Faltu's rudeness makes Tanisha suspicious


Star Plus show Faltu is up with huge drama and interesting twists.

It is seen that Faltu and Ayaan come face-to-face once again at the gully cricket tournament.

Ayaan gets hold of Faltu and tries to learn the truth from her but she scolds him badly.

Further, Tanisha and Sid also join Ayaan and question Faltu about the matter.

Shockingly, Faltu bursts out at them too and warns them to stay away from her life.

Faltu shouts at them saying they have no right to question her and her husband will take care of her.


Faltu refuse to answer Ayaan and Tanisha

Ayaan gets furious and demands to know who is her husband but Faltu distracts him.

Ahead, Tanisha calmly tries to convince Faltu to reveal the truth as Ayaan is highly disturbed because of her.

Faltu is hurt as Tanisha reveals that inspite of marrying her, Ayaan thinks of Faltu only.

However, Faltu stands strong on her words and leaves without answering them.

But Tanisha is not convinced and she makes Sid follow Faltu and find out the truth.

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