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Bhagyalaxmi: Will Rano stop Laxmi and Balwinder's marriage? (Latest Update)

By: SG Admin on January 19, 2023


Bhagyalaxmi: Rishi bursts out at Neelam for badmouthing Laxmi

Zee TV's popular and most liked show Bhagyalaxmi is gearing up for high action and drama.

As per the ongoing track, Rano is getting Laxmi and Balwinder married.

However, Shalu and Bani are against this and beg at Rano's feet to stop the marriage.

Further, Bani also offers to become her maid if she stops the wedding.

Seeing their sister love, Rano feels pained deep within but her greediness for money overtakes.

Rano feels little disheartened for doing this to Laxmi for money.

Rishi feels helpless

Meanwhile, Ayush tries to convince Rishi to stop Laxmi from marrying Balwinder.

Rishi shows his helplessness and walks away without helping Ayush.

Ahead, Neelam badmouths about Laxmi in front of Rishi that infuriates him.

He shouts at Neelam to stop defaming and cursing Laxmi as she is no more a family member.

Will Rishi be able to resist his love for Laxmi and see her marrying Balwinder?

Stay tuned to to know how will the show shape up further.


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