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Katha Ankahee: Magic Ingredient in Katha Viaan love story ahead (Upcoming Twist)


Published By: Naina | Publication: | Updated: April 27, 2023 05:04 PM IST


Katha Ankahee: Magic ingredient in Katha Viaan story


Sony Entertainment Television’s latest fiction offering Kathaa Ankahee, is being loved by the masses.

It was earlier seen that Katha and Viaan are trying to become good friends.

Katha will give Viaan homemade food to have and Viaan will hesitate as he is not use to eating oily food but prefers eating salad and diet food.

Viaan will have the food and falls in love with the flavour and eats everything up.

Later Katha will taste the food and finds it very tasteless and questions Viaan’s choice of food.

Viaan will reveal that he loved the food and more than that he loved the magic ingredient that Katha put in it.

Katha will get confused as she is not able to understand Viaan’s cryptic words.


Viaan’s cryptic words

He will reveal that the love and care that she added in the food makes it very special.

Katha will get pleased to see that Viaan respects the feelings of other.

Will Katha be able to accept Viaan’s love or not?

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