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Anupama: Anuj reunites with his mother but Anupama loses her son (Upcoming Story)


Published By: Alka | Publication: | Updated: September 19, 2023 05:09 PM IST


Anupama: Anuj reunites with his mother but Anupama loses her son


It’s one of the most unexpected twists coming up in Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) and Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) story in Star Plus TV serial Anupama.

Recently, it is seen how Anupama begins to search for Malti Devi’s son and decides to bring him back so that he can help her heal Malti Devi.

A big shock to her, she finally learns about Malti Devi being Anuj’s real mother.

So, in the birthday celebration, Anupama brings the big truth and reunites Malti Devi and Anuj.

However, when one mother Malti Devi gets her son, here unfortunately, Anupama loses her son in an accident.


Samar to die

A new promo is out wherein Samar’s dead body comes home leaving everyone shattered.

At the same time, what shakes everyone’s ground is when Vanraj calls Anuj murderer because he killed Samar.

Now, let’s see what is the whole truth and how is Anuj responsible for Samar’s death.

Will Anupama cut off all ties with Anuj?

Is Anuj the real murderer?

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