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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 13th January, 2020 written update (Written Update)

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 13th January, 2020 Written Episode 

The episode starts with Kunal apologizing to Abeer over what all happened.

Nanu also taunts Meenakshi over what she had done, here Nishant and Mishti's engagement preparations are all done.

Jasmeet's friends taunts her over getting Nishant married to Mishti, while Nishant covers up.

Badi Maa comes to Mishti and consoles her, here Badi Maa tells Mishti that Nishant is perfect match for her.

Kuhu talks about dhol and no songs, here Kunal marks entry and gets dhol people along.

Abeer marks his entry playing dhol and all are shocked, while Mishti feels Abeer's presence and runs outside.

Abeer and Mishti looks at each other, Nishant is tensed to see Abeer there.

Abeer tries to stop Nishant, Mishti's roka ceremony

Abeer says shayari of his and Mishti's love, Vishambhar gets angry at Abeer but others console him.

Rajshri asks family to begin roka ceremony and says that this roka will not stop, Mishti was about to fall and Abeer holds her and asks her to stop roka but Nishant comes to take her.

Mishti leaves Abeer's hand and goes away, Jasmeet says that they should begin chunri rasam.

Abeer throws his chunri in air and Kunal sets fan there and it falls over Mishti, Mishti asks Abeer to stop all this.

Nishant and Abeer taunts each other, Vishambhar loses his cool and warns Abeer to stay away.

Nishant and Mishti's exchange rings and Abeer is in tears, while Nishant holds her hand.


Kunal and Abeer seeks Kuhu's help but she refuses, here Kuhu confess that Mishti don't love Nishant and still marrying him.

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