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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 11th November 2020 written update Vansh believes Ridhima betrayed him (Written Update)

By: SG Admin on November 11, 2020

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 11th November 2020 written update

The current episode starts with Siya calls Vansh and cries bitterly.

Vansh asks Siya about their mother's killer but before Siya could say the truth, Anupriya snatches her phone.

Tensed Vansh hurries to home.

Ridhima is taking Ragini to the hospital when Ragini tries hard to say Kabir and Anupriya's name but Kabir shoots her dead.

Ridhima falls shattered while Ragini takes her last breathe.

Kabir smirks while Ridhima recalls Vansh's major breakdown and cries bitterly losing everything.

Siya falls and gets injured while Anupriya is threatening to kill her.

Vansh contacts his family members but all numbers are not reachable.

Anupriya ignores Vansh's call while Siya locks Anupriya inside the house and manages to get outside.

Ridhima recalls Ragini's last words and realizes Vansh in danger.

Ridhima leaves Ragini and rushes to save Vansh while here Vansh is also on the way to home.

Vansh reaches home at the same time Anupriya injects poison to Siya.

Anupriya acts when Siya falls in Vansh's arms, Siya tries to confess truth but fails. Anupriya intentionally takes Ridhima's name saying Ridhima hurt Siya.

Siya takes last breathe in Vansh's arms while Anupriya plays the recording.

Vansh gets shocked hearing Ridhima's confession to Siya that she is a spy.

Vansh gets CCTV footage from Angre and gets more shocked seeing Ridhima taking away Ragini.

Vansh believes Ridhima betrayed him. Vansh gets shattered while ambulance comes and he admits Siya.

Later on, Ridhima comes home and sees her and Vansh's name written with enlightened diyas.

Ridhima gets happy to see Vansh when Vansh hugs Ridhima and they both get emotional.

Suddenly the wind blows away Vansh's name, Ridhima shouts Vansh and her dream breaks.

Ridhima is stuck in traffic and panics in fear. Ridhima swears to save Vansh while here Vansh swears to not forgive Ridhima.

Kabir comes to arrest Vansh when Vansh gets shocked while Anupriya smirks.

Kabir arrests Vansh in Ragini's murder case which shocks Vansh to hell.

Kabir shows Ragini's death photo and a watch as the evidence which shocks Vansh.

Vansh recalls Ridhima taking his watch for repairing.

Vansh thinks Ridhima didn't kill Ragini while Kabir shows a video to Vansh where Vansh threats to kill Ragini.

Kabir explains the video and how Vansh killed Ragini.

Kabir asks Vansh to question Ridhima about how he got all the evidence against him.

Vansh feels completely shattered believing Ridhima betrayed him.

Ridhima is on the way saying she will save Vansh.

Kabir thinks he split water onto Ridhima's all planning and plotting.

Vansh recollects all the old moments when he suspect Ridhima.


Vansh and Kabir fight when Kabir points gun at Vansh.

Ridhima calls out Vansh but Vansh reminds her how she betrayed him.

Vansh falls from cliff saying Tere Ishq Mein Marjawan while Ridhima shouts Vansh.


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