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Anupama 19th November 2021 written update Bapuji back to Shah House (Written Update)


Published By: Alka | Publication: | Updated: November 19, 2021 09:11 AM IST

Anupama 19th November 2021 written update


The current episode starts with Baa walking lost on the road when Anupama follows her and saves her from falling into a pit.

Baa emotionally and mentally breaks down when Anupama consoles her.

As Anupama reminds Baa about how wrong she did with Bapuji, she actually makes him realize her wrongdoings and sins.

Baa beats her head and regrets hurting Bapuji when Anupama hugs her and pacifies her.

Baa joins her hands before Anupama and pleads before her to bring her husband as only she can convince Bapuji.

Anupama takes Baa to the Shah House when here Vanraj bursts out in anger knowing what all happened with Bapuji behind his back.

Vanraj takes a dig at Kavya and swears to not eat a bite or drink a drop of water until he brings his Bapuji back.

Suddenly there comes Anupama and Baa when Vanraj stops Baa from entering the house after she insulted his father before everyone.

Vanraj insults Baa

Vanraj curses Baa and insults her for what she did with his father while he compels that if someone else had did the same then he would have killed him but unfortunately, it’s his mother who insulted his father.

Vanraj confronts Baa and takes a dig at her when Anupama defends her and compels Vanraj to not repeat the same mistake of insulting his mother.

The duos have an argument when Anupama reveals that Bapuji is staying with her.

Vanraj thanks Anupama when Kavya instigates him against her.


Vanraj shuts the door on Baa’s face when Anupama holds the door and stops him from doing so.

While Vanraj is recklessly opening the door, here Anupama is trying her best to open the door.

This is when Bapuji arrive surprising everyone.

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