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Imlie 6 May 2022 written update Aryan's college friend Jyoti (Written Update)

By: SG Admin on May 06, 2022


Imlie 6 May 2022 written update

The current episode starts with the priest giving a piece of advice to Imlie to be alert as maybe she lose someone.

Suddenly Imlie realizes that Aryan is missing.

Neela bribes the goon and asks him to kill Imlie but here when three cars rush to hit her, suddenly a girl comes and saves her.

The girl consoles Imlie and asks her to relax when finally, Imlie sees Aryan.

Imlie grabs Aryan’s collar and scolds him for going missing from her eyes. Aryan gets stunned seeing Jyoti.

The next, Aryan hugs Jyoti and the latter shows him a paper from their farewell.

The flashback shows Aryan and Jyoti winning the Mr. and Miss. award in their farewell when they have a lovely chit-chat.


Aryan and Imlie meet Jyoti

Later on, Jyoti writes a prediction in a paper about Aryan’s life partner.

FB ends. Aryan gets surprised to see the paper still with Jyoti.

They both share fun talk when Jyoti rushes to leave but Imlie stops her and asks her to stay back with them after all she met Aryan after 10 years.

Here, Sundar is preparing for his interview when Arpita brings tea for him and encourages him.

Neela humiliates Sundar and turns to pour water on his resume when Imlie comes and saves the papers.


Aryan calls Imlie into the office and tells her that he is missing his wife.

Imlie falls from the chair in surprise.


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