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Imlie 11 May 2022 written update Poor Aryan in ICU (Written Update)

By: SG Admin on May 11, 2022


Imlie 11 May 2022 written update

The current episode starts with Aryan and Imlie reach to a place wherein the former asks the latter to be alert and stay safe.

Imlie feels happy seeing Aryan’s concern for her when Aryan sees Madhav and thus goes to get the evidence from him.

While he praises Madhav’s efforts, soon a mysterious shooter aims the gun at Aryan and shoots him.

Aryan gets shot and falls down when Imlie notices and recklessly runs to him.

The shooter tries snatching the evidence from Aryan saying he can’t prove anything against Rehan Bhai but he fails.

The shooter turns to shoot him again but Imlie throws a stone and fails his move.

Imlie cries holding Aryan in his arms when she tells the people to call the ambulance immediately. Aryan is hospitalized and is in ICU when Imlie recalls their moment.


Aryan's life in danger 

Narmada breaks down when Jyoti blames Imlie in her mind realizing she is not compatible with Aryan.

Neela acts emotionally when Narmada gets tenser.

Jyoti shakes her hand with Neela and Gudiya against Aryan and Imlie while Gudiya warns that Aryan only belongs to her.

Aryan has lost blood when the doctor asks Imlie to arrange the B negative blood.

Imlie requests nurse and calls others for help when she asks a person to post about the blood on social media.

Jyoti also leaves.


Imlie asks Aryan to wake up or she will die. When she cries badly, he finally holds her hand.

Imlie is later stuck in the traffic with Madhav while here the doctors give shock therapy to Aryan.


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