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Imlie 3 June 2022 written update Aryan to doubt Imlie (Written Update)


Published By: Alka | Publication: | Updated: June 03, 2022 07:06 AM IST


Imlie 3 June 2022 written update


The current episode starts with Aryan waking up at midnight when the Mirchi parrot calls out Amma to Imlie.

Aryan pampers Imlie and takes Mirchi away when suddenly Jyoti comes and tells him about the sting operation while she intentionally mentions how Imlie slept during the operation.

The next morning, Aryan asks Imlie to visit the doctor as she has been having some issues during her sleep.

Aryan then asks about the sting operation when Imlie says that she slept after taking headache medicine which Madhav brought.

The next, Aryan is quite disturbed knowing Imlie can’t remember what happened after the operation.

Imlie feeds food to Mirchi when Neela taunts her and badmouths Meethi.

Imlie later intentionally gives the task of cleaning the house to Neela.

Jyoti here calls Aryan and asks him to question Madhav about the sting operation when the latter agrees.

Imlie overhears Jyoti and asks her why she is interested to know about the sting operation.

Imlie for the first time gets angry at Jyoti and gives her a warning when Jyoti gets nervous.

Therefore, Imlie calls Madhav and asks him not to tell anything to Aryan about the sting operation. Madhav gets scared of lying to Aryan when the latter soon comes and asks him about the medicine he gave to Imlie.


Jyoti uses Madhav against Aryan and Imlie 

Madhav lies that he forgot. Here, Imlie is working on the laptop when Neela comes and pours the water on it.

Neela taunts Imlie when suddenly Gudiya comes and starts crying as the laptop belonged to her and now her vlogs, and pictures are all destroyed. Imlie smirks.

Jyoti comes to the chemist shop when she thinks to provoke Aryan saying Madhav gave sleeping pills to Imlie and so he will finally doubt him.

Gudiya gets angry with Neela when the latter blames Imlie for separating Gudiya from her.


Jyoti lies to Aryan that Madhav gave sleeping pills to Imlie during the sting operation night.

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