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Imlie 20th June 2022 written update Imlie in deadly danger (Written Update)

By: SG Admin on June 20, 2022


Imlie 20th June 2022 written update

The current episode starts with Aryan looking at his and Imlie’s picture and stands Madhav responsible for the problems in their life.

Arpita and Sundar left for their ice cream date when Aryan sees them.

Thus, the duos leave before Aryan stops them and this makes the latter panic because he can’t risk Imlie’s safety.

Kairi aka Imlie recalls an old incident when she convinced a politician for the interview even after Aryan locked her.

Therefore, she gets an idea and here she manages to mislead the staff and thus runs away.

Kairi turns into Imlie and calls the Police to the hospital for Madhav’s statement.

Imlie disconnects Aryan’s call after the Police makes an excuse and refuses to come.

Aryan follows Arpita and Sundar thinking Imlie is with Madhav while the couple makes a lie that Imlie took Madhav for a walk.

Jyoti gets up and turns to kill Madhav when she even pushes a nurse.

Imlie catches Harry and enquires him about his hospital visit when the latter lies.

Imlie gets a huge shocker when the nurse tells Harry that his wife is fine. Imlie recalls Jyoti eating the poisonous food.

Harry thinks to hit Imlie because if Jyoti finds out about her then she will harm Nargis.


Imlie saves Madhav 

However, she leaves before his step. Here, Jyoti injects an empty injection into Madhav’s hand but in actuality the person is Imlie.

Jyoti leaves assuming now Madhav will die while Imlie wonders why she wants to kill Madhav.

Imlie tied bandages and due to which injection failed to harm her. Thus, she thanks Sita Maiyya.

Harry reveals to Jyoti how Imlie doubts her while the latter gets furious.

Jyoti swears to kill both Imlie and Madhav.


Imlie gets stuck in a cold storage when Aryan comes to the hospital to find her but the latter already fell unconscious.


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