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Anupama 20th September 2022 written update : Kinjal wants a break from Shah House. (Written Update)


Published By: Soundari | Publication: | Updated: September 20, 2022 07:09 AM IST

Anupama 20th September 2022 written update Anupama gives a befitting reply to Baa and Pakhi in Anupama 


The episode starts Kavya and Vanraj feeling bad for their actions. Vanraj says that Anupama did right by exposing Paritosh as he believes that what he did was right.

Kavya asks Vanraj whether he he too thinks that it's not wrong and Vanraj says that he did wrong with Anupama. However he says that after falling in love with her he never cheated her.

Kavya offers tea to Anupama and thanks and apologizes her on behalf of the family. Anupama asks the reason for which Kavya says that the family is taking her for granted not considering that she has a family of own.

Dolly is taking care of sleeping Kinjal. Baa behaves cold with Anupama while Pakhi taunts her for breaking Toshu's family.

Anupama no more cares about Pakhi's immature behavior and draws a line that it's her life and her rules. Baa asks her to not come back and Anupama asks Samar to video record the words of Baa.

Baa immediately shuts her mouth. Anupama says Pakhi that she'll definitely keep quite as something similar happened with her too as that's what she wanted.

Anuj again suffers memory loss 

Pakhi also shuts her mouth. Anuj wakes up but again suffers memory loss and searches for Anupama.

Gk says that it's him who sent her there and Anuj trues recalling it. He gets Anupama's voice message.

Anupama comes to Kinjal while Dolly asks why she's not waking up. Anupama says she's scared to face the reality and asks her to let her sleep.

Anupama comes home and breaks down in Anuj's arm. Anuj says that whatever she did right s right and asks her not to help others without them asking for it.

Kinjal leaves Shah house

Precap : Kinjal will say that she would go mad if she continue staying there in the house. Kinjal will be about to go when Rakhi will come there and ask where she is going.

The family will be surprised that Kinjal is not going home with Rakhi and asks where she wants to go. 

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