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Faltu 17th November 2022 written update Ayaan comes to save Faltu from the forced marriage (Written Update)

By: SG Admin on November 17, 2022


Faltu 17th November 2022 written update Ayaan comes to save Faltu from the forced marriage

Episode begins with Faltu trying to escape from Pappi's men, whereas Pappi's men hold her captive.

She feels helpless and Pappi announces his marriage with her saying now it's about his self respect and reputation so he will marry her.

Faltu states she would like to drink poison instead of marrying him.

Charan tries to help his daughter but fails.

Pappi gets furious and he tries to hit Faltu, but Ratan stops him and later they call the police.

They notify the police about Charan's promise to Pappi that if he can't pay off the debt then he will get his daughter married to Pappi but now he is not fulfilling his promise.

Faltu cries in front of Pratap

Police gets convinced by Pappi and therefore they warn Charan to not break his promise else he will end up in jail.

Charan assures Faltu that he won't let her make sacrifice for her family, he accepts the punishment and gets ready to go behind bars.

Angoori talks to her husband about their loss if Charan gets arrested.

She starts scolding Faltu by tortures her emotionally for letting her father go through punishment.

Faltu feels guilty and she chooses to marry Pappi.

There Ayaan sends money to Pappi to save Faltu from marrying him.

Faltu gets ready as a bride unhappily and There Pappi doesn't back out even after getting the money back.

Ayaan rushes to stop Faltu's wedding leaving Suhana. He says he will be back before his engagement.

Faltu finds no hope but destroying her life. Pratap consoles a crying Faltu.

Ayaan comes inside her room through window and she falters seeing him.

He holds her in his arms. There Pappi gets excited for his marriage.

Precap- Ayaan assures Faltu that nothing will happen to her father but he will handle the situation.

He tells her to fight the situation. Charan knocks on Faltu's room door.

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