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Faltu 18th November 2022 written update Charan helps Faltu run away with Ayaan (Written Update)


Published By: Sulata | Publication: serialgossip.com | Updated: November 18, 2022 07:11 AM IST

Faltu 18th November 2022 written update Charan helps Faltu run away with Ayaan


Episode begins with Ayaan going inside Faltu's room by climbing up through the window.

Faltu's siblings help him come in.

Faltu loses her balance in that process and he holds her.

He then send everyone out of the room and tells Faltu to not give up on her dreams by marrying a person like Pappi.

Faltu says she wants to fight as well but can't due to her father.

Ayaan assures her he will not only protect her from Pappi but will make sure nothing wrong happens to Charan.

He says Faltu is extraordinarily talented and he will take her to Mumbai to train her for cricket.

She will become a great cricketer one day.

Faltu replies but Ayaan can't stop those villagers who are against women cricketers.

Meanwhile, Charan knocks on the door and Faltu asks Ayaan to hide.

Ayaan disappoints Kanika


Charan calls Ayaan and it shocks him and Faltu. 

Charan supports Ayaan saying he always wanted his daughter to shine and he wants Ayaan to take her to Mumbai.

Faltu gets delighted and she says she wants to hug her mother before leaving.

She does so and hopes that Jamna will feel proud of her decision one day. She gets emotional.

Suhana reaches home and notifies that Ayaan will catch the next flight to come back.

Kanika finds it strange and says he is not taking his marriage seriously at all.

Sumitra and Siddharth take advantage of the situation and instigate her against Ayaan.

Kanika gets influenced. Ayaan and Faltu run away hiding from Pappi's men.

Precap- Charan accepts in front of everyone that he helped Faltu run away from her wedding.

Janardan says if Ayaan breaks his trust he will handover the property to Siddharth.

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