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Anupama 20th December 2022 written update Barkha wants Pakhi and Adhik's separation (Written Update)


Published By: Sulata | Publication: | Updated: December 20, 2022 07:12 AM IST

Anupama 20th December 2022 written update Barkha wants Pakhi and Adhik's separation


Episode begins with Anupama leaving with Kapadias. Pakhi cries for Adhik but the latter says he needs time to take the final decision.

He refuses to accept her apology and leaves. Anupama feels sad for her daughter seeing her helplessly crying.

Anuj gives strength to Anupama and there Samar says Pakhi is standing on the road and not responding.

Kavya sends Kinjal to make Pari fall asleep.

She asks Vanraj if he is fine, Leela scolds Vanraj that first he cheated on Anupama, Paritosh ditched Kinjal and now Pakhi is doing this.

Anupama discusses with Anuj that if she did right by leaving Pakhi alone.

Anupama decides to help Pakhi

She is her mother and no matter how Pakhi is, it's her duty to cope with her.

Anuj replies parents do their best to give best upbringing to their children but sometimes it doesnt work.

Anupama says maybe Pakhi witnessed her fight with Vanraj from childhood thus she became like that.

Its not easy to forget all that and it will take time.

Vanraj says Anupama was right about Pakhi and the latter should have been evicted from the house.

Pakhi gets shocked hearing that and asks him if he really feels Anupama was right.

Leela gets angry at her as she accused Vanraj of separating her and Adhik.

Pakhi threatens to leave the house and Vanraj says he also wants to see who can handle her madness except him.

She can go anywhere she wants. There Anupama thinks she cant leave Pakhi's side when even Anuj couldnt forget Anupama for 26 years.

Later Barkha talks to Anupama about Pakhi and Adhik's legal separation.

Precap- Pakhi is found lying unconscious on road and Samar tells Anupama about it. Anupama gets shocked to hear that.

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