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Anupama 18th March 2023 written update Anuj avoids talking to Anupama (Written Update)


Published By: Sulata | Publication: serialgossip.com | Updated: March 18, 2023 07:03 AM IST

Anupama 18th March 2023 written update Anuj avoids talking to Anupama


Episode begins with Anuj saying they lost Anu forever and he feels like an orphan now. His parents also left him and now Anu too left.

He cries for Anu and there Maya sees that Anu is looking at Anuj and Anupama's photos. Maya asks Anu if she missing Anuj and Anupama very much.

Anu says she is missing them and is she allowed to meet them? Maya says they can contact her via video call and if she wants to meet them now and will leave Maya.

Anu replies she will not leave Maya alone and the latter hugs her. Maya says she will give all the love to Anu that the latter will forget Kapadias.

Anu says she doesn't want to forget Anuj and Anupama and they are indeed important people for her.

Anu wants to visit Anuj and Anupama


There Anuj remains depressed and doesn't talk to Anupama when she tries to get close to him. Anuj sees Anu's photos and videos and terribly misses her.

Barkha and Ankush get worried seeing his condition and there Leela and Vanraj observe that Kavya is with Anirudh.

It shocks them but Hasmukh is in their favour. Anupama goes to Hasmukh and cries hugging him.

She says Anuj is avoiding her and not talking to her since the time Anu has left. It's suffocating for her.

Hasmukh consoles her and there Barkha also consoles Anupama seeing Anuj's behaviour. There Anu video calls Anuj and Anupama.

Anuj gets delighted seeing her and takes a screenshot of her face. He asks Anu to come to visit them. Anu says she will try.

Anupama feels like Anuj is slowly getting depressed and she can't let that happen. She has to cure him properly so that he gets normal.

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