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Anupama 20th March 2023 written update Anuj refuses to join the Holi celebration with Anupama (Written Update)


Published By: Sulata | Publication: serialgossip.com | Updated: March 20, 2023 07:03 AM IST

Anupama 20th March 2023 written update Anuj refuses to join the Holi celebration with Anupama


Episode begins with Anupama getting delighted for Devika. She says her good news made her forget about her recent pain.

Anupama says she is happy for Devika and Dheeraj's decision. Devika says but Anuj and Anupama was their inspiration.

Now she is afraid if they can also fight then their own decision might be wrong. Anupama says Anuj is angry with her but he loves her a lot.

He will soon forgive her. Devika wishes the same and adds Anuj either chooses love or hatred. So he should choose love for Anupama always.

There Dheeraj tries to reduce Anuj's pain. They start discussing about Holi. Pakhi tells her family that they could have celebrated Holi if everything was fine.

Hasmukh invites Anupama for Holi celebration


Kavya says Anupama taught them people should learn to be happy in every situation. So she plans with Kinjal to start the Holi preparations.

Vanraj and Adhik come back with Paritosh. Paritosh drinks water by himself and it makes Shahs happy. Paritosh thanks everyone for their support.

Hasmukh decides to invite Anupama for Holi. Vanraj is not interested to join the celebration but Kavya tries to convince him. Vanraj adamantly leaves.

Later Dimple tells Anupama and Anuj to focus on Holi celebration because she also moved on after all the mishap then they can too.

Anupama asks Anuj if she can attend the Holi celebration to which Anuj says she can do whatever she wants.

Later she requests Anuj to help her in making preparations for Devika and Dheeraj's wedding. As they don't have other people to do that.

Anuj says she moved on very easily. He asks her not to bother him. Anupama remains upset hearing his reply.

Precap- Anupama waits for Anuj to come to Holi celebration. Dheeraj tries to convince Anuj to go there.

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