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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 13 May 2023 written update BIG TWIST (Written Update)


Submitted By: Alka On May 13, 2023 10:05 AM IST

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 13 May 2023 written update

The current episode starts with Vinu spitting hatred for Virat as he failed to bring his mumma on his birthday.

Amba is angry at Satya and Sayi for making so late to the home while here Savi is pacifying Vinu.

Sayi comes to Vinu and makes him understand that Virat really loves him. Therefore, she asks Vinu to trust her and know that his father tried his best to find his mumma but he failed.

Sayi is trying her best to convince Vinu while here the family is worrying for Vinu.

Just then Amba arrives at Chavan Niwas shocking Bhavani to the core. The family finally gets to see Amba while the latter urges Satya to come back home.

Bhavani once again tongue lashes Amba for taunting her family by standing in her house.

Sayi finally convinces Vinu to come outside and cut the cake to make a wish from God for her Mumma.

Virat urges Bhavani to not exaggerate the matter and make it worse.

Amba leaves no stone unturned in taunting and insulting Bhavani when the latter also tries to insult her.

Bhavani taunts Amba by reminding her about how she was betrayed and became a mother without getting married.

As Satya and Virat also get into an argument, here Sayi comes and takes a strong stand for Amba who is a Lavani dancer and became a successful businesswoman in her life without the support of any man or any family.

Sayi praises the sanskaras of Amba which she gave to Satya and as she defends her mother-in-law Amba and husband Satya, here Virat feels upset.

Sayi stops everyone from getting into any argument because it is her son Vinu’s birthday and she doesn’t want to make her kids learn the wrong things.

Bhavani, Virat and everyone gets happy when Vinu comes to cut the cake.

Vinu accepts Sayi as his mother

Vinu doesn’t want to make any wish for his mumma but he wants to adopt Sayi as his mumma just like how Savi adopted Baba (Virat).

Virat is shocked at this while Sayi gets teary eyes.

The flashback shows, Savi giving an idea to Vinu to adopt Sayi as Mumma just like how she adopted Virat as Baba.

FB ends. Vinu questions Sayi if she will become his adoptive mother or not.

Sayi with tears in her eyes finally agrees to become his mother while everyone gets happy except Virat and Bhavani.

Sayi happily signs the papers and hugs Vinu while Virat is totally pissed off.

As Vinu calls Sayi AAYI, Sayi gets really emotional and showers her motherly love on him.

Virat and Sayi cut the cake with Vinu and share a happy family moment along with Savi

Satya feels upset seeing their happy family.


Virat feels upset seeing Satya caressing Sayi’s hair on the video call with Vinu.

Later on, Amba asks Sayi to keep Vatsavitri fast for Satya.

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