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Teri Meri Doriyaan (TMD) 14 May 2023 written update Sahiba leaves Angad (Written Update)


Published By: Alka | Publication: serialgossip.com | Updated: May 14, 2023 06:05 AM IST

Teri Meri Doriyaan (TMD) 14 May 2023 written update Angad's emotional burst out 


The current episode starts with Ajith worrying for Seerat while Santosh panics and talks about Keerat’s call, who asked them to wait.

Santosh and Ajith decide to keep Karan’s family busy so that they don’t know the truth.

Here Sahiba thanks Seerat for telling the truth while the latter hugs her and the duos share an emotional bond with each other.

Sahiba is now worried for Seerat who is suddenly getting married to her school friend Karan. Thus, when she asks Seerat about her decision, the latter breaks down in tears accepting her fate.

As Keerat brings the bike, Seerat hugs Sahiba and bids her adieu to her.

Seerat comes across Garry and taunts him while she takes a dig at him and pities on his condition who is no more less than her. Seerat smirks and leaves while Garry stands pissed off.

Angad breaks the photo frame of his brothers and vents his anger when Sahiba comes and stops him from injuring his hand.

As he bursts out his anger and emotionally breaks down in tears recalling Garry’s betrayal, here he shockingly accuses Sahiba of enjoying his such condition.

However, she consoles him and pacifies him when the latter asks her to not leave the house as he asked her to leave after proving the truth.

Sahiba requests him to not punish himself for Garry’s deeds but the pissed off latter compels Sahiba to leave his room.

Angad continues breaking the flower vase and venting out his anger which upsets Sahiba.

Later on, Angad recalls his fun and lovely time spent with Garry and Veer. As he bitterly cries recalling their past memories, poor he fails to control his emotional burst out. FLASHBACK shows Angad, Veer, and Garry’s fun times together.

Manveer comes and tries to console Angad when the duos break down in tears.

The ladies from the neighborhood taunt Santosh questioning if Seerat again eloped from the wedding.

Just in, Seerat arrives and praises Karan for supporting her and holding her hand at a time when she had no one in her life.

Seerat refuses to marry Karan 


As she breaks down in tears and apologizes to Karan, she refuses to marry him because she doesn’t want to ruin her life after all he is a good man and he deserves a good girl.

Here Sahiba meets Akaal and Prabjyot wherein Akaal feels sorry for whatever happened with Sahiba and her sister.

They thank Sahiba and tell her that today she proved herself as Angad’s wife and Brars Bahu in real manner.

As Sahiba thanks Akaal and Prabjyot for always supporting her and accepting her wholeheartedly, she thus bids them adieu and leaves.

Akaal gets worried and asks Prabjyot to stop Sahiba but the latter leaves the house.

However, at the doorstep, Angad stops Sahiba but the latter resists staying in the house.

Therefore, she tells that she can’t stay back after how Angad insulted her family.


Angad is driving Sahiba to her home wherein the latter is taunting him for acting good before Daarji.

Later, Angad joins his hand and apologizes to the Monga family which shocks Sahiba.

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