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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 29th November 2016 written update (Written Update)


Published By: Sulata | Publication: | Updated: November 29, 2016 08:11 PM IST

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil written update 29 November 2016, PMHMD written update episode


The episode starts with Raghav taking Naina to the top and Raghav removes Naina’s fear of heights.

Naina is not ok with going on top in gondola ride as Raghav tells Naina to spread Naina’s hands like a bird and this will make Naina feel as if she is flying in the air.

Naina starts to enjoy the ride in open as Raghav had told and Naina fells as if she is flying.

Naina remembers her mother and her teachings that not to play with ice as naina would catch cold.

To which Raghav shows Naina all the open ice and this makes Naina very happy.

Chachal and Rajeev are chatting on phone as Rajeev catches Veer with other girl romancing and starts shouting upon Veer.

On the other side Raghav and Naina are enjoying playing with ice and raghav gets happy eyeing Naina happy.

Chanchal is at Mehra house and gets interacted with Pam and Sudha and starts showing off.

Chanchal starts insulting Pam in which Sudha gives Chanchal’s side and starts enjoying.

Raghav and Naina come to the place where in there are sculptures made out of ice and Naina and raghav starts enjoying.

Raghav takes Naina’s photo and Raghav also buy’s some crussons for Naina and tells that this is the speciality of Austria.

Naina tells that where is Veer to which Raghav says that let me call Veer and ask where is Veer.

Rajeev asks Veer that what is all this as to how are you using Naina and today Rajeev would tell all this to Naina and dadi as well.

Veer rushes behind Rajeev to explain but Rajeev does not listen and just goes away.

Veer gets tensed that today dadi will remove Veer from his house but its ok this was going to happen one or the other day.

Now, Raghav says Naina that the office is just five minutes away from here and Raghav would go and check as to where is Veer.

Raghav gets to office and one employee says that Veer is In private lounge.

Raghav comes to private lounge and sees a shoe of a girl lying behind the sofa and starts searching for a girl in the area to which Veer says that what are you searching.

Raghav says that Naina is a very good girl and Veer cannot ditch naina like that.

Raghav shows the shoe to Veer and Veer gets nervous and Veer changes the topic and tells that Veer was busy in some meetings and Raghav says sorry to Veer and Veer tells to Raghav that you go to Naina and I will come and tell sorry to Naina in sometime.

As Raghav goes Rajeev comes from inside with the girl and tells that Veer got saved today only due to Rajeev and Veer owns this to Rajeev.

Rajeev further says that today if Rajeev would not have seen Raghav coming than Veer would not have got saved.

Rajeev is seen in falsh back talking to Chanchal that today Rajeev would expose Veer amid dadi to which Chanchal says to Rajeev to think with cold head and calm down and if Naina would marry Veer than this all things would be corrected.

Chachal says that if Naina would not get married to Veer than even Rajeev’s job would go and they will again come on road.

Rajeev join hands with Veer

Naina is seen enjoying as Naina eyes a couple fighting over the selfie and Naina says that might be Naina can help.

Naina takes a very good pic of the old couple and stats chatting with the couple.

Naina starts talking about the life and in the meantime Raghav is seen coming from behind in towards Naina.

Raghav comes and says to Naina that shall we go.

Raghav leaves Naina home at hight and Naina is depressed and Raghav eyes Naina very much sad and thinks that might be Naina is very much angry with Veer as he did not come.

Raghav thinks of changing Naina's mood but it does not work.

Precap: Veer and Sudha are talking about Rajeev and Chanchal that tey are very greedy as in background Sudha eyes Raghav listening to their conversation.

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