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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 1 December 2016 written update episode (Written Update)


Published By: Sulata | Publication: | Updated: December 01, 2016 07:12 PM IST

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil written update episode 1 December 2016, PMHMD written update episode


The episode starts with Naina and Raghav chatting about the beautiful flowers and cards but Naina feels that it would be better that if Veer would have come personally to invite Naina for dinner.

Naina says that naina would not go for lunch with Veer to which raghav goes on his knees and pleads amid Naina.

Naina gets embarrassed with Raghav’s act and says yes for the meet.

Raghav gives ice cream to Naina and Raghav says that Raghav needs to take a video recording of Naina and Veer so that dadi wants to know how does Naina’s chemistry with Veer is going on.

Raghav brings Naina to the venue of the lunch meet and Veer comes out there to which Raghav goes in the car to give them privacy.

Veer asks Raghav to get the red box from car which is Naina’s present.

Veer offers Naina drink to which Naina takes and raghav gets the red box thinking that this is something really expensive.

Veer gives the gift to Naina to which Naina takes and opens the gift.

Naina gets shocked eyeing the document of contract which Veer has made to which reads that if Veer and naina get separated after marriage than Naina would not get anything from Veer’s property.

Raghav in meantime is recording the video for dadi.

Veer says that this is not India and this is very much practical out here abroad.

Raghav gets closer and tries listening to the reality to which is going on amid Naina and Veer.

Naina tells that naina is not getting married to Veer’s property and money but to Veer himself and Naina is not interested in marrying Veer if Veer is more a business minded person and also considers marriage as a business deal.

Marriage starts giving lecture to Veer about marriage and the Naina’s principles.

Naina says that she does not think that Veer and Naina are compatible any more and rejects the marriage and contract proposal with Veer.

Naina goes and raghav rushes to Veer and starts argumenting that why did Veer do this to Naina.

Veer starts shouting to raghav and tells that if Raghav wants than Raghav can marry Naina instead and just get lost as Veer is no longer interested in naina.

Veer gets very much angry upon raghav knowing that Raghav had sent the flowers and note to naina.

Raghav goes on streets finding naina as Naina runs away from raghav.

Naina climbs on a train and when the train comes to a halt at that time Naina realizes that Naina has angrily come to a place totally new and is unaware of the same.

Naina hugs Raghav

Naina agains starts running away from Raghav but finally Raghav catches Naina and they have a sad eye lock.

Naina looks at Raghav angrily and than suddenly Naina hugs Raghav and starts crying.

Raghav starts consoling Naina and hugs in return.

Naina than gives an explanation of her hugging Raghav all of a sudden.

Naina tells Raghav that she has got very hurt and tells everything that happened amid Veer and Naina about the contract.

Naina tells that now Naina will listen to her heart and not to dadi and not get married to Veer as naina’s heart does not permit to this marriage.

Ranjeet shouts at Chanchal as Chanchal has done an expensive shopping of 3000 euros.

Naina comes home and Rajeev asks that what has happened to Naina and why is Naina so much sad.

Naina just rushes to her room without telling a word.

At Mehra home Raghav is amid tension as to what to so whether to show the video to dadi or no.

Veer’s small brother snatches the phone from Raghav’s hand and says that why could Raghav be so cheap as to make Veer’s date video.

Ira also comes from behind and starts playing the video to which dadi also sees from behind and shouts out loud at Veer.

Dadi calls a family meeting and starts shouting at the entire family as to how would dadi show off her face to Naina.

Veer changes the entire topic and tells that Veer has done for the security of the house as Veer wanted to see that whether naina is behind Veer's property or name or does Naina really love Veer.

Dadi says Veerto call naina and that dadi wants to end the chapter now and forever.

Precap: Naina praises raghav's nature and says that raghav is a really nice guy and Raghav says Naina thanks to say yes for marriage.

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