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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 5 December 2016 written update episode (Written Update)


Published By: Sulata | Publication: serialgossip.com | Updated: December 05, 2016 07:12 PM IST

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil written update episode 5 December 2016, PMHMD written update episode


The episode starts with Chachal announcing the sangeet function at the Mehra’s house.

Chanchal starts introducing one by one the Mehra family members by partially insulting them.

Raghav and Naina tell each other that they are looking preety and look happy.

Naina’s mother on other hand in India goes to Amit’s mother and gives her the news of Naina getting married to the richest family in Austria.

Veer in the function cannot stand Naina’s family members any more and goes to his room.

Sanjana also looks a good chance and goes behind Veer.

Sanjana starts flirting with Veer in dark amid Veer’s room and Sanjana asks whether Veer celebrated his bachelor’s party.

Sanjana tells that Sanjana can make Veer’s bachelor night colourful.

To which Veer makes Sanjana sleep on bed and ponces upon the bed.

Dadi goes in hunt of Veer and as Veer and Sanjana were trying to make out dadi comes and Sanjana hides in the closet.

Veer takes that Veer was having pain in head and that’s why Veer came to his room to which dadi forcefully takes Veer to meet the guests.

Sanjana goes out in the passage and Raghav catches Sanjana roaming in the passage and asks that why did Sanjana roam in the house.

Sanjana makes an excuse of looking out for Raghav only as Sanjana wanted to ask forgiveness from Raghav for earlier things.

Dadi announce that now onwards Veer and Naina would dance as naina tells Veer that she does not know dancing to which Veer says that he will teach Naina.

On one side Veer and Naina are dancing and on another side Raghav is dancing with Sanjana.

Dadi gets a call and goes to search Raghav as dadi catches Raghav red handed Sanjana and Raghav dancing and dadi slaps Raghav and starts scolding raghav for again playing with Sanjana’s respect,.

Dadi tells Raghav to get out of the house.

Naina comes to Veer’s brother and asks for Raghav to which he says that who cares where is Raghav to which Naina gets very much tensed.

Veer leaves home on wedding day


Naina calls up Raghav and Raghav does not pick up Naina’s call.

Raghav is packing his bag and leaving as Pam and Bhalu uncle come and Pam starts enquiring from Raghav about Pam’s earings that raghav must have stealed to which Raghav gets teary eyed.

Pam tells that if Raghav have stealed it than Raghav can keep it for himself as charity.

Sudha is making Veer ready for the wedding as Veer takes the sherwani and smashes it on the ground to which to which Sudha shouts at Veer and forces him to get married by listening to dadi as Veer right now does not have any other option left amid him.

Dadi is on phone happy and tells Pam and Sudha that dadi has arranged a surprise for Naina.

Pam goes to Veer's room and tells Veer to go and run away and informs Veer that dadi has arranged a surprise for Naina to which Veer also gets unhappy.

Pam clearly tells Veer to run away from marriage.

Precap: Veer meets Raghav on station and Raghav asks Veer to marry Naina to which Veer gets pissed off and tells Raghav that if Raghav cares for Naina so much than Raghav can marry Naina

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