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Anupama 18th September 2023 written update Gurumaa gets flashback (Written Update)

Published By: Alka | Publication: | Updated: September 18, 2023 06:09 AM IST


Anupama 18th September 2023 written update


The current episode starts with Anupama finding out the truth about Malti Devi giving her son to an orphanage and thinks of finding her son before her husband or her relatives.

Kavya is happy that Baa thanked her while here Kinjal is feeding soup to Baa and the family is having a good time.

Anupama arrives home and tells everything to Anuj about Malti Devi’s son after she scolds him for eating ice cream with Anu.

Anuj asks Anupama to find Malti Devi’s son as he might help her regain her lost memory.

Vanraj comes to Baa at night and gets emotional while talking to Baa.

Bapuji says I love you to Baa and the duos have a cute moment with each other.

Anupama makes efforts to help Gurumaa

The next day, Anupama is praying for Gurumaa when suddenly Samar comes crying and tells about his friend Manoj who died in a road accident.

The duos get sad and Anupama consoles Samar. Samar decides to get policy for himself before it is too late.

Anupama brings aarti for Guruma and shows their picture to her which finally brings some flashbacks from the past before Gurumaa.

She tries recalling the past when Anupama introduces herself as her student.

However, Gurumaa fails to recollect her memories.

Here Anuj is getting ready for his office and then he sees Malti Devi’s file in the almirah.

Anuj gets into thinking.


Anupama shows her ghungroo to Malti Devi.

Later on, she shows a kid’s picture and Gurumaa calls the baby her son.

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