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Shakti: Harman takes wedding rounds with Surbhi for Soumya (Upcoming Story)

Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) finally makes Surbhi (Roshni Sahota) bride for Harman (Vivian Dsena) in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki

The upcoming episode of Shakti Astitva ke Ehsaas Ki will show that Soumya finally make both Surbhi and Harman agree getting married.

Soumya does not reveal to Harman as it was Preeto plan to get him married with Surbhi.

Soumya is very much heartbroken for getting her husband married with her sister Surbhi while Surbhi is in same situation and is ready to do it for making Soumya stay in Harman’s house.

Preeto asks Soumya to dress up nicely and keep smile to make Harman believe as she s happy with this marriage.

Preeto plans separating Soumya and Surbhi

Soumya emotionally make Surbhi bride for Harman and Surbhi promises to Soumya that she will not let any problem enter in her life.

Furthermore, Preeto makes a plan to create rift between Surbhi and Soumya so that Surbhi throws out Soumya from Harman’s life.

Stay tuned of further exciting updates.

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