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KHKT: Major mishap to connect painful past of Dr Rohit and Sonakshi (Upcoming Episode)

A bitter confrontation between Dr Rohit (Karan V Grover) and Sonakshi (Dipika Kakar) complicating their relation in Kahan Hum Kahan Tum

Star Plus newly launched soap opera 'Kahan Hum Kahan Tum' is making its place in viewers heart with its awesome love chemistry between the heart surgeon Rohit and TV Actress Sonakshi.

But before the misunderstandings of their relationship could completely end and Rohit Sonakshi could become friends,

A major mishap messes up their grooving relation to the fullest.

Rohit's family files FIR against Sonakshi and gets her arrested meanwhile Suman also files a police complaint on Rohit's name.

But what comes more shell-shocking is Rohit and Sonakshi's painful breakdown.

Rohit and Sonakshi's past turns the threat of life

Once again the painful past of Dr Rohit and Sonakshi freshens up with this incident.

Sonakshi confronts Rohit and breaks all ties with him and his family.

The duos will eventually end up heartbreaking as this incident will make them recall their past breakup with their lovers.

Let see if Rohit and Sonakshi will reconcile,

Or this will call off their relation forever?

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