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Gathbandhan: Dhanak's romantic step winning Raghu's love back (Upcoming Twist)

Dhanak’s (Shrenu Parikh) romance plan to win back Raghu’s (Abrar Qazi) love in Gathbandhan 

Colors popular running soap ‘Gathbandhan’ is seeing a very interesting track.

Raghu and Dhanak’s love-hate relationship is seeing a challenging time amid how Savitri and Maya are planning their separation.

But Dhanak has yet not accepted her defeat and thus determines to win back Raghu’s love.

Dhanak will now plan a romantic trap for Raghu.

Raghu and Dhanak’s love back on track

Dhanak will plan to woo hubby Raghu while she will apologize for what she did with Savitri.

Dhanak’s romantic plan will succeed when Raghu will recall their old moments of love.

But it will be highly intensified to watch if Raghu will forgive Dhanak.

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