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Sanjivani 2: Sid to expose Asha and marry Ishani (Upcoming Twist)

Sanjivani 2: Sid (Namit Khanna) to expose Asha (Chand Bhagwanani) and marry Ishani (Surbhi Chandna)

The upcoming episode of Star Plus show Sanjivani 2 will showcase interesting twist and turn.

It was earlier seen that Ishani stops caring for Sid post hearing his humiliating words.

Ishani feels heartbroken and keeps herself away from Sid.

Sid too feels bad seeing Ishani distancing herself.

Further Ishani gets hurt when she refuses to take Sid’s help and get away.

Sid tries to advice Ishani but Ishani is least bothered.

Sid wants to settle things with Ishani

Sid thus decides to fix everything and see what wrong happening with him and who is framing him.

Sid gets determined to catch Asha red handed and expose her soon to fix his terms with Ishani.

Sid wants to marry Ishani and leave Asha.

Will Sid succeed in his motive?

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