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Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 11th March 2019 written update (Tv Serial)

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 11th March 2019 written update

The current episode starts with Priest proves Anurag and Prerna’s marriage justified.

Prerna calls Mohini Mummy Ji while then only Mohini shouts and stops her from calling her Mummy Ji.

Mohin insults Prerna and calls her poor middle class girl who trapped her son Anurag while she refuses to accept this marriage at all.

Shockingly, Mohini passes out in deep stress, Anurag, Nivi and Anupam all hold Mohini and take her to the room while Komolika stops Prerna and confronts her.

Komolika regrets that she really underestimated Prerna and now she is writing her own story that how she married Anurag.

Komolika warns Prerna and says that yet now whatever she wanted to do, she did but now she will show her that what Komolika is.

Komolika says that yet now she was helpless because she is in her Sasural, but now she will show where Prerna stands.

Prerna smirks, Komolika laughs at her and describing herself, she says that she is beautiful and stunning from outside but her heart is dark.

Komolika advises Prerna to ask Mishika about what Komolika can do, while Komolika threatens Prerna that if she will meet accident and will lose her legs, the paralyzed Prerna.

Prerna is standing and hearing Komolika while Komolika asks her to imagine if her face will get ruined then how she will live with her ugly face.

Komolika thereby threatens Prerna saying if by any chance she will survive from all the attacks, then she will send her to mental balance and Prerna will go mad with other mad people.

Anurag is upset as he hears Komolika from upstairs and recalls that how a Guy in the hospital warned him about dangerous Komolika.

Flashback begins a guy meets Anurag and refuses to congrats him on this day when his life is going to get destroyed.

He talks about how dangerous Komolika is while he asks Anurag to take him to a safe place where they can talk about Komolika, and Prerna whose family is in danger, the duos step towards Anurag’s room.

The boy is really scared of Komolika and hides himself from Komolika, while he gets into Anurag’s room.

He introduces himself as Aryan Mehra from Meerut who used to organize Komolika’s father Siddhant Choubey’s all rallies.

Aryan tells Anurag that he had his friend as his girlfriend Saanchi, they were in strong relationship but then only Komolika came into his life.

He says that he liked Komolika but never wanted her to be his girlfriend, and Komolika thought that he likes her.

While on one day Komolika’s friend challenged her to win Aryan’s love and for the same challenge, Komolika proposed him.

And when he refused to Komolika as he was in relationship with Saanchi, the next day his girlfriend met with an accident in which her face got ruined.

Komolika thereby came close to him and he fell in love with her but then only Komolika dumped him.

Anurag feels sorry for Aryan and says that it was his past, while Anurag gets to go, Aryan says that Komolika only plotted Saanchi’s accident.

Aryan says that when Komolika broke up with him, she blamed him for cheating on her with Saanchi, and by next day Saanchi was admitted to mental asylum.

Aryan says that Komolika is very dangerous she got her father arrested in a crime that he never committed and even today also his father is in jail.

Komolika was not satisfied in this that she blamed her mother for theft by claiming that she stole a diamond ring from her house.

Aryan questions Anurag that if he knows that why she did all this,

Aryan tells Anurag that Komolika can’t tolerate rejections and betrayals.

Anurag is really hell shocked hearing all this, while Aryan says that Komolika enjoys all this, she wants everyone to go mad behind her but when you will show your right on her, then she will dump you, she will ruin you.

Aryan asks Anurag if she will do the same with Prerna, Anurag shouts and grabs his collar while Aryan explains to Anurag that Politics, Police, Beaurocrates all are in Siddhant's pocket, Komolika's father is top Politician while he asks Anurag to remember when Komolika's one step saved his company from bankruptcy.

Anurag decides to protect Prerna

Aryan asks Anurag to save his love if he can as the pain of getting separated from your loved ones is the pain that we can't bear.

Flashback ends, Anurag says that Komolika is telling Prerna about the same whatever she did with Saanchi, while he gets restless.

Komolika and Prerna have heated argument while Prerna warns Komolika that this time she will ruin her no matter how many people she destroyed.

Prerna says that this time she got into a wrong person, and now she will see that who Prerna is, while she warns and challenges to ruin Komolika, Komolika gets furious on her, while Mishika is hearing their argument.

Prerna goes, here Mohini gains her conscious and calls Veena while she asks Veena to take her daughter Prerna from here otherwise she will kick her out from Basu Mansion.

Veena gets angry on Prerna and disconnects the call while she arrives to Basu Mansion, she also scolds Shivi.

Prerna is standing in hall while Anurag is watching her, Prerna holds her thread  which Anurag made her wear, while Anurag also takes out his thread and holds it while he recalls his marriage with Prerna in temple.

Anurag decides to protect Prerna from Komolika, while he determines to earn Prerna's hatred so that she would leave him and move on in her life.


Prerna confronts Anurag and says that she came to take revenge from him while then only Veena comes and is shocked to see vermillion in Prerna's hairline.

Prerna apologizes to Veena and says that she would have told her about it earlier.

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