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Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2: Bajaj's raavan exit trapping Prerna puts Komolika's grahan in Anurag's life on Dussehra (Latest Trending News)

By: SG Admin on October 08, 2019

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2: Bajaj's raavan exit taking away Prerna puts Komolika's grahan on Anurag's life

The time has come when Bajaj and Komolika will make Anurag and Prerna's love life miserable.

The coming up grand Dussehra eve will see ups and downs in Anurag and Prerna.

The viewers will get to see Komolika's return in all new identity.

Where Bajaj will prove Anurag real mastermind behind the attack on him on Durga pooja, Prerna will blindly believe the circumstances.

Bajaj and Prerna will finally be making their exit from the Basu mansion.

However, Bajaj will still fear of if Anurag will return in their life again.

Thus, Bajaj will play his last move to secure his and Prerna's marriage relationship.

Bajaj brings Komolika back

Bajaj will only bring Komolika back in Anurag's life to distract Anurag's focus from Prerna.

While Komolika wants her revenge from Anurag, let see how Komolika and Bajaj will turn Raavans in Anurag and Prerna's love life by this Dussehra.

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