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Naagin 4: Brinda turns more deadly to save her sister from villainous Vishaka (Upcoming Episode)

Naagin 4: Brinda turns more deadly to shield Nayantara from villainous Vishaka

The supernatural TV show Naagin 4 is up for some high voltage drama and twists and turns in the storyline.

So far we have seen that how Vishaka comes to save Nayantara and later brainwashes her against Brinda.

Vish has made Nayantara develop hate feelings for Brinda.

Where Vish kidnaps Nayantara and keeps her trapped, here Brinda enters in Parikh family for her revenge.

Further Vish and Brinda will finally be coming face-off when Brinda will find about Vish trapped Nayantara and Nayantara is still alive, not dead.

Brinda challenges fight against Vishaka

Brinda and Vishaka will have a drastic face-off where Brinda will challenge the deadly fight to Vishaka.

Brinda will turn more deadly to protect her sister from Vishaka.

However let see if Brinda will succeed or Vishaka will kill Nayantara taking revenge.

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