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Naagin 4 News February 8, Furious Naagin Brinda turns venomous rescuing Swara from Madhav (Upcoming Twist)

Naagin 4 News February 8, Swara in Madhav's deadly trap furious Brinda turns Naagin

Colors top TV show Naagin 4 has finally brought the moment when Brinda will make her first war on the evil Parikhs.

Soon when Brinda has married Dev and made her entry in the Parikh family, she turns to detroy them.

Meanwhile Madhav gets to see Brinda in Naagin avatar.

Thus before he could expose Brinda, Brinda attacks him.

Shockingly Madhav catches hold of Brinda’s adoptive mother Swara and threatens Brinda,

Brinda’s venomous attack will fail his motive.

Madhav’s death to shaken the Parikhs

Further Brinda will take her Naagin avatar and will brutally kill Madhav.

Madhav’s death will shake the Parikhs world after all Vrushali and the family members will get scared of if Naagin is back.

Let see how one after other Brinda will kill the Parikhs taking her revenge.

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