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Beyhadh 2: Rudra repeats MJ's crimes supporting Maya against evil father MJ (Latest Trending News)

Beyhadh 2: Rudra digs in MJ's crimes supporting Maya ruining MJ

Interesting twists and turns are lined up in the storyline of Beyhadh 2.

Soon when Maya recalls how MJ played a love game with her and later killed her and her family.

MJ gets hold of Maya and strangulates her.

However Rudra comes and holds MJ’s hand asking him to control his anger after all Maya is now his wife.

MJ tries to prove Maya the murderer of Rishi but Rudra defends Maya and lies to MJ and the family.

The drama doesn’t ends here but he asks if Maya has any relation with MJ or if she killed Rishi and married his brother for revenge.

Where the family stands stunned at Rudra’s such confession,

Rudra promises to be with Maya and asks MJ to kill him if he wants to kill Maya.

Rudra aware of MJ and Maya’s bitter past

It seems the truth is revealed to Rudra and Rudra believes in his love Maya.

MJ’s own son Rudra is going to stand against him with Maya and take Maya’s revenge on him.

Let see what new twists and turns are lined up in the storyline.

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